Jonathan Kulig

A New York City man is being hailed as a hero for saving an unconscious man who fell on the subway tracks moments before a train came barreling into the station.

Jonathan Kulig saw someone fall on the opposite platform. The Con Edison worker rushed over to help the man. Of all the people who were witnessing this, Kulig was the only person who jumped down to help the man.

As luck would have it, Kulig had recently finished a track-safety training program. The timing couldn’t have proven better.

Raw video below shows the dramatic event. After getting the man off the live tracks, a woman helps Kulig get the man to a bench just before the train burst onto the platform!

The man was taken to the hospital with non-critical injuries. He was seen stumbling before falling onto the tracks. It is unknown what caused him to stumble and fall.

Kulig gave an interview discussing rescuing the man in the video below. He gave it no thought. He just went right into action to save someone in need!

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H/T: NY Post