How to Find a Trusted Financial Advisor

In world that is ruled by finance knowledge, it is recommended to find a trusted financial advisor. Of course, this is easier said than done, because not all financial advisors have your best interest at heart.

Below, you will find some useful tips and hints, enabling you to find a trustworthy financial advisor. So, if you are in need of professional finance advice, be sure to read through this overview before hiring!

Speak to Trusted People in Your Environment

Some people in your environment may have some recommendations for you, since it is likely they have someone to advise them on their finances. However, only ask advice from someone you trust, otherwise you could still end up with a bad apple.

Interview More Than One Financial Advisor

There are many financial advisors out there, so shopping around is certainly recommended. If you obtained a couple of recommendations, it is best to interview all your picks to make the best choice.

We also need to warn people not to let their emotions get the better of them when looking for a financial advisor. If you are finding yourself in a financial crisis, it is all too easy to hire someone too quickly. Therefore, consider your options carefully and leave emotion out of it.

Core Qualities of the Perfect Financial Advisor!

When looking for a good financial advisor, you should look for three main qualities: professionalism, compassion and communication. If any of these three qualities are missing, your financial advisor cannot give you the service you deserve.

If you feel a little overwhelmed having to interview prospective candidates, and feel like they could overpower you, it is essential to have a trusted friend or family member with you. Having someone at your side will boost your confidence and ensure you don’t hire the wrong person for the job!

Ask and Check References

Most people prefer financial advisors with some experience. To ensure a candidate has the right experience for the job, make sure you ask about their references. A good candidate should at least provide 2 references from satisfied customers, although more is always good!

Spot Red Flags!

Before you make a decision, you must look out for red flags. Sometimes, a candidate looks too good to be true. Afterwards, the client finds out that the financial advisor has put them in even more trouble. Tip: if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

Another red flag is a financial advisor that puts pressure on you, making statements such as “if you don’t hire me now, I can’t fix this” or “I’m the only one that can stop you from going bankrupt right now”. Never let yourself be pressured like this. These are just sale tactics and empty words that could cost you dearly later on! Instead, choose someone level headed who tells you the truth, but also lays out all your possible options.


Finding the perfect financial advisor takes time and patience, so don’t let yourself be rushed into making a decision. Instead, take the time to evaluate your candidates and seek assistance from trusted people in your environment to avoid making poor decisions.

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