Everyone with a love for wrestling knows the name, Scott Steiner. The wrestling legend has a career that spans over 31 years, fighting other wrestling icons such as Goldberg, Sting and AJ Styles. Now, Steiner has returned to Impact Wrestling, much to the appreciation of avid wrestling fans.

**UPDATE Here is the video Steiner’s triumphant return to Impact **

Steiner came out to defend Josh Matthews, who is currently feuding with fellow announcer Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park (Abyss’ alter ego).

About Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner

If Scott Steiner was before your wrestling-watching career, then let us give you a short bio on this wrestling icon.

Scott Steiner, real name Scott Carl Rechsteiner, was born on July 29, 1962. Scott wrestled along his older brother Rick at WCW and was also a member of the nWo. He also wrestled for the WWE, ECW, JCP and TNA in the past.

To date, Steiner has won numerous championships; this includes three-time world champion, WCW world heavyweight champion, WWA world heavyweight champion, WWC universal heavyweight champion and various international tag team championships.

The biggest blemish on Scott Steiner’s career occurred in the 90’s, where he was accused of steroid abuse. Upon his return to WWE in 2002, he stated he would take a test, providing Triple H would take one too. According to Steiner, the WWE did not go through with the steroid test.

Steiner has also been the center of some other controversies, which have undoubtedly affected his status as a WWE legend. Steiner was accused of aggravated assault and making terroristic threats in 1999, felonies that could carry a maximum sentence of 30 years. He eventually got off with 10 days in Cherokee County Jail, a $25,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Scott Steiner

Despite his talent, a dark cloud of allegations has always followed Steiner. He’s also known to have rubbed some superstars the wrong way; this includes Diamond Dallas Page, Triple H, Rick Flair, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. As a result from this poor attitude towards several WWE stars, Steiner was banned from attending a WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in 2015. The ban only came after Hulk Hogan’s wife accused him of threatening to kill Hulk Hogan. A colorful character indeed.

The Return of Scott Steiner

Scott Steiner

Fans of the wrestling legend know that he has been out of the spotlight for a number of years, which made his appearance at Impact Wrestling even more surprising.

Steiner made his return to Impact Wrestling yesterday, where it was revealed he would be appearing at the upcoming Slammiversary Pay-Per-View.


During this epic summer wrestling event, he’ll be partnering with Josh Mathews to take on Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park.

The Negatives

Scott Steiner

Even though many people are happy to see the return of Scott Steiner to wrestling TV, some of our colleagues have made some valid points. One of our colleagues – Cagesideseats – commented on the fact they are calling back on “old” talent once again, instead of using new and more interesting talent.

Cagesideseats is usually spot on with their observations and I tend to agree with their opinion about the return of Scott Steiner. The return of “recycled” wrestling icons in both WWE and Impact Wrestling leaves little room for new talent to get into the spotlight. Still, this doesn’t mean that Scott Steiner won’t make Impact Wrestling interesting to watch.

Your thoughts?

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