Best Secured Credit Cards of 2017

[tps_header]When your credit score isn’t high enough to qualify for an unsecured credit card that doesn’t require a security deposit, your next best option is a secured credit card that can also help build your credit. These are some of the best secured credit cards that are some of the most affordable & report your payment history to the credit bureaus allowing you to build your credit and save money in credit card fees simultaneously.[/tps_header]

Discover it Secured Credit Card

Annual Fee: $0
Unique Perk: Zero annual fee & Purchase Rewards

The Discover it Secured Credit Card is probably the best secured credit card overall. It has no annual fee and offers purchase rewards. While other secured credit cards charge no annual fee, purchase rewards are typically reserved for unsecured credit cards.

The minimum deposit is $200, but, your credit limit can be as high as $2,500 if you can afford the security deposit of the same dollar amount.

With the Discover it Secured, you earn 2% cash back on the first $1,000 in gas & restaurant purchases each quarter and 1% on everything else. Honestly, this reward rate is even better than some unsecured credit cards.

Additional card benefits include complimentary access to your FICO credit score and Discover will even match your cash back rewards for the first year as an added bonus.

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