Understanding Your Housing Loan, Mortgage Costs and Hidden Fees

Americans who’ve applied for a mortgage in the past already know that the process involves more costs than meets the eye. To ensure you are prepared for your mortgage application, and the costs accompanying it, we have created an overview of the most common loan & mortgage costs below!

Basic Mortgage & Loan Costs

Before we elaborate on the hidden costs of loans and mortgages, we must mention the costs everyone is already aware of. The basic loan costs include your initial monthly repayments and interest. However, applicants must consider that interest can rise over the years, so make sure you inform about your interest before you acquire your mortgage or loan.

Prepaid Items

In some cases, you must pay for certain items that will be due after closing ahead of time; this may include homeowner’s insurance premiums and property taxes. Therefore, it may be necessary to have an escrow account, which contains the money for your monthly escrow payments.

Closing Costs

Those who have acquired a mortgage will encounter numerous closing costs fees as well; this includes loan costs such as origination charges, services you can’t shop for and services you can shop for. Origination charges are certain fees charged by the lender, while services include services provided by the lender, title insurance, survey conductors, pest inspectors and insurance agencies.  The average closing costs are a percentage of your new home’s purchase price, usually between 2 and 5% and you must budget for closing costs.

Appraisal Fee

When you look at a home you want to buy, you may encounter an appraisal fee. The appraisal feel is the amount of money you pay to a professional appraiser, who assesses the value of the home you want to purchase. This estimate is also used by the lender, since most lenders won’t provide you with a mortgage greater than the estimated cost of the home.

Credit Report Fees

Credit reports will play an important role in the acquisition of your new home, so there may be some costs involved. Firstly, you will need some copies of your credit report, which may cost you a little. However, it is important to get access to your credit report, not only for your initial loan application, but also for any future applications you want to make.

Title Fees

Another “hidden” cost people may encounter during their loan application is the title service fee or the title insurance. The fee is paid to a dedicated title company, who will search the county records and ensure that the property in question is free of complications. Naturally, this is a step that cannot be skipped, so potential homeowners should allocate some money for these fees.

Government Recording Changes

Homeowners also must pay a fee to register a certain property under their name, a fee that falls under the category of government recording charges. By paying this fee, you enable the government to put the property under your name, but also to keep a record of the mortgage, the deed or the trust.


Being aware of the hidden cost is the first step towards acquiring your mortgage, because many Americans are unaware of the additional costs that may prevent them from getting their mortgage in the first place. However, if you are prepared, there is nothing stopping you from getting the mortgage you need for the home of your dreams.

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