The Triumphant Return of Kurt Angle

Since Kurt Angle has been announced as the latest addition to the WWE Hall of Fame, we're hearing about his return to the WWE

It’s Real, Alright

Since Kurt Angle has been announced as the latest addition to the WWE Hall of Fame, we’re hearing about his return to the WWE squared circle. Many wrestling fans are preparing their best “you suck” chants and waiting for his music to hit. As I’m writing this, there has been no Kurt Angle debut yet, so let us look at the latest rumors and find out if we can expect the gold medalist at WWE soon!

kurt angle

Disappointment at the Royal Rumble

Angle was rumored to be the 30th entrant at the Royal Rumble, together with other names such as Fin Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Samoa Joe. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns came out and I threw everything I had nearby at my TV. Then I went to do some laundry, because super Reigns is the last thing I wanted to see at the Rumble match.

Since the Rumble, Angle’s return has been overshadowed with that of the Hardy Boyz, who are expected to make their appearance at WrestleMania. I find it unlikely they’ll debut Angle’s return at the same night.

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As you may know already, Mick Foley was fired as RAW GM recently. His departure has been a spark for new rumors, naming Kurt Angle as the new GM. Seeing Angle return as a GM was not what I was expecting, although anything to get Angle back where he belongs is good in my book. Still, I’d love to see him wrestling in the big leagues again, not just play an administrative role like Daniel Bryan.

To make thing more interesting, I would propose adding a new GM that is absolutely hated. Vickie Guerrero is the first one that comes to mind for me, even though my other half was swearing at me when I suggested it. Vickie has one of the most memorable voices and her “excuse me” interruptions are legendary:

She also adds loads of comedy to the mix, so whether you love or hate her, I think Vickie Guerrero might make the RAW authority the most hated of all time. So, yes! I am a proud supported of bringing Vickie Guerrero back as annoying RAW GM and let Angle do what he does best – Wrestling!

kurt angle

Debut Possibilities

As mentioned earlier, a debut at WrestleMania has been rumored for a while, although I think it to be extremely unlikely at this point. Instead, I think Angle will make his debut the first RAW after WrestleMania 33. If he does become the new GM, I’ll be somewhat disappointed, but still curious at what he brings to the table.

Another fear many wrestling fans have, including myself, is that Kurt Angle will become another part-timer and only fight the biggest matches. While Angle certainly earned his stripes during his extensive career and deserves the status of part-timer, he is someone I would like to see on my screen weekly.

The plans after the Hall of Fame induction are still unclear for Angle, so hopefully we will get the answers we’ve been waiting for soon.

Have you heard a rumor about Kurt Angle’s return? Or do you have some inside information we need to know? Be sure to leave your comments below!

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