Nancy Kerrigan Tonya Harding

Many of us remember the 1994 attack on American figure skater Nancy Kerrigan. An upcoming Tonya Harding movie about the assault will be hitting theaters. It focuses on Harding’s involvement in the attack intended to derail Kerrigan’s dreams of a gold medal for Harding’s benefit.

Although Nancy Kerrigan was clearly the victim in this case, the producers didn’t want her involvement in the film’s creation. Nobody consulted her, which is a bit odd given the subject of the film.

That’s what Kerrigan told TMZ in the video below.

Kerrigan’s team reached out to ask for an advance copy of the film, but that request wasn’t fulfilled. What exactly is the angle on this film if they can’t engage or be respectful of the victim?

You can see some raw video at the time of the attack below.

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