March 20th, 2017 Raw Preview

WWE Raw Preview: March 20, 2017.

It’s just under two weeks away from Wrestlemania 33 Thrill Ride. Here’s what to look for tonight as we move closer to the biggest night of the year for WWE and the wrestling world as a whole.

  • Who controls the Yard?

The last two weeks have shown Taker getting the best of Reigns using tactics that only the Deadman can pull off. The no-talk-stare at the Mania Sign choke-slam and the *GONG* distraction are signature Undertaker. No wrestler perhaps in history uses psychological manipulation better. WWE knows this. They also know that there is no way that Taker will ever get boo’d. It simply can’t happen. Taker’s status is so above any wrestler on the roster that the respect the fans give him (you never hear a “WHAT” chant during his in-ring promos) that whoever is facing him is automatically the bad-guy. Vince and Roman will have to dig deep into their bag of tricks to make Roman look legit in this feud. Expect a massive pull-apart brawl and Roman continuing to call out Taker for being old.

Wrestlemania Undertaker v. Roman Reigns
  • Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd rule the tag division

Gallows and Anderson stealing the show on Southpaw Regional Wrestling perhaps means that WWE is going to go back to the Club as an old-school act that appeals to older fans and the “smart fan”. Enzo and Cass have incredibly remained fresh as the crowd continues to eat up the SAWFT chant. Sheamus and Cesaro are along for the ride. After interfering in last week’s contenders match, I expect the mic battle and to continue a few one-on-ones to happen tonight.

  • The Weird role reversal of Austin Aries vs Neville

Austin Aries is a career bad guy, Neville has always been a lovable underdog. How will they continue to make this work? Aires will be missed on Cruiserweight commentary. I expect this feud to be a particularly nasty battle on the mic. Neville’s new-found cruelty will no-doubt be used to go after Aires who is the latest “What Took You So LONG?” indie star to get a WWE push.

  • Does Sasha turn on Bayley?

Sasha’s “protecting” of the Huggable One is being amplified. I expect Sasha to finally admit that she knows she can beat Bayley and that’s why she has been setting her up this whole time. Sasha’s “Boss” character and natural bravado are a perfect play against Bayley’s naive and happy attitude. It worked wonders in NXT and produced two instant classic matches. Charlotte almost seems like an afterthought especially now that she’s lost her PPV streak and her lacky. The focus is clearly on Bayley and Sasha. Which makes me think they’ll distract each other enough to have Charlotte retain and start her own Mania streak.

Wrestlemania Sasha v. Bayley

What else can be said about Goldberg and Brock? They continue to mostly ignore their absolute snore of a match from 20. Heyman is going to do what he does best. There needs to be a new element added. I’m hoping for a retirement stipulation.

We still don’t know for sure if Seth and Triple H is happening at Mania. Trips will continue to taunt Seth and play “the Game”, I suspect Rollins will be out of the ring and limping for this rest of the build. He might even be limping down the ramp at Mania.

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