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Julian Assange Outs Hillary’s Plan To Replace Trump!

The secret is out!

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange might be holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, but he’s still communicating via Twitter.

The self-described political refugee has a couple of tweets that are getting a lot of notice. There has been a lot of noise about Hillary Clinton attempting to run for president again. Apparently two presidential defeats weren’t enough for Bill Clinton’s wife.

Assange stated that Hillary is pushing for Vice President Pence to take over for Trump because she thinks Pence is beatable.

As bizarre as this might sound, there are voices even within the Republican Party that are clamoring for Trump to step aside for Pence. Vice President Pence has been loyal and supportive of President Trump, so their dream could very likely be a big bust.

Assange also tweeted the Intelligence Community is supportive of pushing Trump out of office in favor of Pence.

The establishment just can’t seem to give up the dream of Hillary Clinton being the first female president and it appears they will go to any length to try to make that happen.

They apparently aren’t distracted by the fact that Hillary just lost. Even DNC Chair Tom Perez thinks Hillary Clinton should run again as he states in the video below.

Americans rejected Hillary. She has way too much baggage, but the establishment keeps trying to push her down our throats.

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