Not everyone is familiar with Pi Day and this is a real shame, because this special day could save you quite a few dollars. To understand how Pi Day could help you keep some money in your wallet, be sure to read on!

What Is Pi Day?

Contrary to what you may be thinking right now, Pi Day has nothing to do with pies, but everything to do with math. Pi Day celebrates this wonderful infinite number, so it is no surprise that many businesses want to benefit from this celebration and draw in new customers. Therefore, there are numerous businesses that jump on the Pi Day bandwagon and offer some amazing deals. Let us take a closer look at deals that could benefit you on Pi Day!

Blaze Pizza

If there is a Blaze Pizza in your neighborhood, you could be in for the deal of your life. On Pi Day, Blaze Pizza provides all pizzas for the affordable price of $3.14; this in more than 180 locations in America. A similar action is provided by Hungry Howie’s, which enables you to get medium one-topping pizzas with promocode 314DAY for only $3.14.


The most attractive offer, aside from Blaze Pizza, may be found on the Pieology Pi Day site itself, because this website enables you to get custom pizzas for only $3.14! Of course, you do have to sign up on the website to get these benefits.

In addition to the pizza places already mentioned, there are countless others than give you a special Pi Day deal. So, if you have not found your favorite pizza place in this overview yet, be sure to check other pizza places partaking in this action; this includes Stevi B’s Pizza Buffet, Villa Italian Kitchen, Whole Foods and Your Pie.

The Boston Market

If you’re not a pizza fan, you can still get good deals from other shops on Pi Day. One of these deals can be found in the Boston Market, where you can buy three delicious sweet potato pies for only $3.14. If pies are your thing, you can get any large pie for the same price in other stores as well; this includes your local Whole Foods!


Those who consider themselves a genuine geek can get a great deal at ThinkGeek. If you use the coupon code PIOUS when ordering exactly $34.1 worth of products from the website, you will get a free Pi Day shirt. Of course, this deal does require some calculating. Still, if you have a love for mathematics and the need for a geeky shirt, be sure you take advantage of this great Pi Deal.

Other Stores with Great Deals at Pi Day

The stores already mentioned are just some of the stores jumping on the Pi Day bandwagon. In addition to these stores, you can also find good Pi Day deals at Marie Callender’s, and Bojangles. More stores will undoubtedly follow, because the deals on Pi Day are truly never-ending!

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