If you’ve ever owned an aquarium, you may have discovered one of your fish missing. Sometimes, one fish will decide he wants a fish sandwich without the bun and eats his tank mate.

That’s what happens in the video below, but there’s quite a twist to it. The fish that becomes lunch is bigger than the catfish gobbling it up.

By the end of the video, you wonder if the catfish is going to survive himself as he can’t swim properly after eating such a large fish. He looks like someone who ate way too much food at the buffet and needs to be rolled home.

Keep your eye on the other catfish in the video below. He apparently is mad at the killer for eating his friend!

I have a stomachache from watching that. That catfish looks so uncomfortable and deformed after swallowing that fish. Isn’t that how many of usĀ feel after Thanksgiving dinner?

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