Crufts is a well-regarded U.K. dog show. In it, dogs show off their training and agility. But, a video of a Jack Russell Terrier acting very much like a typical Jack Russell Terrier is going viral, because it’s unlike anything you would expect at a professional show!

Olly was tearing up the agility course. He wasn’t worried about getting it right. He was there to have fun! He was booking around that place so quickly that he did a face plant.

Olly got through the tunnels, but he wasn’t too concerned with politely jumping over the barriers. He was just having a blast like the average high energy dog.

The viral video below is certain to put a smile on your face! Olly might not have won a medal, but he won smiles all across the globe!

I love how the normally serious dog commentators were enjoying it. We all should learn a bit from Olly. Don’t take life so seriously! Have some fun!

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H/T: LAD Bible

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