Adam Pally

Actor Adam Pally of “Making History” was just arrested.

If you remember, Pally said he wanted to go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler and President Donald Trump.

That wasn’t what he was arrested for though. Pally was was caught doing the double-do: smoking marijuana in an e-cigarette and carrying cocaine.

Now, I am no expert, but I bet he wanted to go back in time to redo that moment too.

Here’s more from TMZ:

Adam Pally was busted in NYC Tuesday night for smoking marijuana from an E-Cig, and carrying a tiny baggie of cocaine … TMZ has learned.

The “Making History” and ‘Mindy Project‘ star allegedly took a rip on West 48th Street in Hell’s Kitchen … cops patrolling the ‘hood caught a whiff and cited him for misdemeanor drug possession … according to law enforcement sources.

When officers patted down Adam … we’re told they found the baggie of blow, and hit him with another misdemeanor charge. He was issued a ticket to appear before a judge within 30 days.

We haven’t heard back from Adam’s reps.

Watch this:

Getting caught with those drugs tells me three things about Pally. (1) He wasn’t thinking very hard about his career, (2) He wasn’t thinking about his loved ones and how this would affect them. (3) He’s dumb as an onion.

But I guess we should expect that from Trump haters in Hollywood.

What do you think should happen to Pally? Do you think he will get cut from his show? Join the conversation below and add your opinion.


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