Ivanka Trump family

The Trump family is one good lucking bunch. From Melania to Ivanka, the family has class.

Even the grandchildren are as adorable as can be. Ivanka Trump’s son, Theodore, recently reached a milestone in the White House, crawling for the first time. America went wild over the video.

Ivanka shared another great moment with Theodore on her Instagram account.

Check out this adorable picture:

Check out that hair! What a cute kid! And how perfect is his elephant rocking horse? It is incredibly appropriate for the grandson of our Republican President.

Ivanka often will share pictures of her children. She’s not shy about showing her love for her children. After a long November day, she posted another picture with Theodore. This time Ivanka was in the picture with him. In between the mother and son was a big teddy bear. The tired mom looked happy to end the day with her baby. And she looked absolutely stunning without any makeup at all. The woman is simply gorgeous!

Theodore just seems to get cuter each day. He’s getting so big and you can tell by his pictures that he’s got a lot of personality. His spunk shines right through the camera lens. Ivanka recently shared an updated photo of Theodore as we round out 2017.

The First Daughter spent her Saturday night with her cute little boy. Their date night ended with Theodore wearing a Kyte Baby sleeping bag. Many parents have their children sleep like this until they are two-years-old as a precaution against SIDS. Theodore sure looks adorable in it!

We are sure to see more pictures of Teddy on Ivanka’s Instagram account and at official White House events during President Trump’s years in the White House. That is a good thing because Theodore is a cutie!

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