What happens when a mindless woman smokes a cigarette near a gas station? Read on to find out.

She Was Arrested For…What?

I stopped at the gas station and noticed two police officers looking at this lady who was talking on her cellphone, smoking, and putting gas in her car at the same time.

I’m thinking to myself, she is crazy! She’s about to blow us all up!

I had cash, so I go inside to pay for my gas. As I’m paying, I hear somebody scream “LOOK OUTSIDE!”… the woman’s arm was on fire!!!

She’s running around screaming, waving her arm, and basically just going crazy!! I go outside. The police are holding her on the ground putting the fire out. I started pumping my gas and saw the police cuffing her.

Some dude pumping his gas yelled “AWE HECK NAW!! WHY ARE Y’ALL CUFFING HER?”

Like her catching her arm on fire wasn’t punishment enough…I kid you not, the cops looked him dead in the eye and said, “FOR WAVING A FIREARM…”

Wow. What a clever cop!

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