George Strait

The number of truly “genre-defining” legends in music is small. Many artists create their own style, but few can re-invent an entire genre of music and completely change the taste of a culture.

George Strait was that man when it came to country. No person did more to preserve the genre and make it their own like the Cowboy.

George Strait retired from touring about two years ago, but the influence he has had on country music continues to be felt. He brought country back to it roots after it had nearly been hi-jacked by a watered down “POP” sound.

Even when “pop country” made a resurgence in the last few years, George continued to churn out classic hits. Proving the genre wasn’t dead.

He even made a movie about his fight against overly stylized country…Pure Country.

While the movie was a box office failure, the music that came from it became one of the best selling country albums of all time.

Here’s the classic “I Crossed My Heart” from the movie.

They don’t call him the “King of Country” for nothing!

He is really just the best when it comes to good ol’fashioned country music.

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