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Phil Robertson isn’t afraid to mix religion and politics. His faith is such an integral part of his life that it extends to everything he does. So, it’s not surprising when Sean Hannity asked the Duck Dynasty patriarch about the treatment Donald Trump is receiving that Phil was pretty blunt in his assessment.

Trump is attacked at every turn because he threatens the status quo in Washington. The power has been taken from the lobbyists and power brokers and given back to the people who voted for a man who wants to make the government work for the people.

Phil sees the way the left and the media is reacting to Trump. There is violence. There is manipulation and threats. There is fake news. Phil doesn’t sugarcoat what he thinks this is.  He understands it to be lawlessness and sin.

“What you’re witnessing, the response to Donald Trump winning the presidency, what you’re witnessing is complete and utter lawlessness, which is the definition of sin,” Phil told Sean Hannity.

He also pointed out how Judge Gorsuch didn’t become a target of the left until Donald Trump uttered his name.

“So this thing with Donald Trump being in there and going down the Godly road … Think about Judge Gorsuch. He weathered, Sean, he weathered Harvard; he weathered Columbia; he weathered Oxford. And the left-wingers didn’t lay a glove on him,” Phil continued. “He come out of that kind of, I would call fireball left-wing ideology, and you say that sucker came out with his faith intact and his belief that there is a difference between the Supreme Court and the Supreme Being. You understand what I’m telling you?”


You can listen to the radio interview in the video below.

The act is acting incredibly irrational. It’s as if they have lost their minds. They are blocking ambulances. They are throwing fits and violating rules on the Senate floor. They are out of control and Phil believes it’s because they are driven by sin.

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