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Donald Trump’s Inauguration might not be until tomorrow, but he’s already making an impact with an important ally.

Knowing that President-elect Trump is a strong supporter of Israel, as evidenced by his Ambassador nominee,  he knows Israel will once again have a friend in the White House. So, on the cusp of Trump’s swearing in, Netanyahu is beginning the move to defund the United Nations!


The GOP led Congress is also looking to take a swipe at the UN. The UN’s resolution condemning Israel was a hostile and likely anti-Semitic act. In reaction, Congress voted to rebuke the United Nations resolution as the video below details. Obama was fine with the resolution but Congress and Trump are not!

Like Netanyahu, Congress is considering defunding the United Nations as the Fox News video below states. Why should our tax dollars be used to fund an organization that is hostile to us and our ally?

It’s time we take a stand against this nonsense. Donald Trump has made it clear that he knows who are allies and friends are. After eight years with President Obama who appeared to want to fudge the relationship with Israel, our friends can trust us to know we have their backs.

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H/T: TruthFeed

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