Police Wal-Mart Shooter

Newly released security footage shows the dangerous moments two police officers were violently attacked inside a Wal-Mart in April.

The assailant 24-year-old Mitchell Oakley had been asked to leave a McDonald’s when he refused employees notified police to remove him for trespassing.

Oakley had just been released from prison a year earlier for attempted aggravated assault and other charges.

Once Officer Joshua Pueblo joined Officer Daniel Colwell, both from Chandler Police Department, that’s when mayhem broke loose. Oakley pulls a firearm and begins firing upon the officers. He critically wounded Officer Pueblo, but was able to gain cover.

Colwell dives and tumbles, crashing through a display sign and opens fire on Oakley. He eventually guns him down, stopping him cold.


Thankfully, both officers were not killed. Unfortunately, Officer Pueblo was seriously injured but he is now recovering.

Here’s how he described the incident, “All I see was blood. I didn’t know what exactly was wrong. I didn’t know how much blood I was losing, or if I was going to make it. So there were definitely thoughts of family.”

We are praying for both officers that they will have a speedy recovery!

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