Clock Boy

Clock Boy’s family tried to cash in by suing right leaning news organizations for defamation after Ahmed Mohammad’s likely intentions were revealed.

Clock Boy’s father, Mohamed Mohamed’s lawsuit in September against the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and its Vice President Jim Hanson, Fox Television Stations, LLC; Texas resident Ben Ferguson, Ben Shapiro, City of Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne, Glenn Beck and The Blaze accused them of making defamatory allegations against his son for mentioning things such as the family’s involvement with CAIR and the fact that Clock Boy’s father had run for President of Sudan.

An attorney for one of the defendants told the judge that this was a lawsuit designed to suppress the First Amendment, stating that it was a classic example of Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation or a ‘SLAPP’ case and should be dismissed.

The judge agreed and dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning the Mohamed’s cannot bring the case to the court again.

The video below from September has some background on the lawsuit.

Clock Boy was suspended from school after bringing a homemade clock to school that resembled a bomb. President Obama, whose Administration told us to say something if we see something suspicious, chastised the school district for following his advice. He then invited the family to the White House.

It is easy to see why the school was cautious in believing it to be a bomb. It actually did look like a bomb.

Thankfully the judicial system worked as it was intended and this meritless lawsuit will be going absolutely nowhere. Clock Boy and his father won’t be getting a dime!

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