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A Tornado Hit This Baptist College Hard But What Happened To A Jesus Statue Is A Miracle!

A true miracle!

Tornados ravaged several areas of the United States over the weekend. According to the Weather Channel, there were over 27 outbreaks. Hattiesburg, Mississippi, had a destructive F3 tornado.

Even though there was significant destruction, many are seeing an inspiring sign at William Carey University in that town. The University was hit very hard by this tornado. Cars were flipped. Buildings were destroyed.

But a statue of Jesus remained unharmed in the midst of the destruction.

A statue of Jesus on William Carey's campus untouched by the tornado's destruction. Viewer submitted photohttp://buff.ly/2iOHHQH

Posted by WDAM TV on Saturday, January 21, 2017

This is being viewed as a sign of hope as many students are displaced and shaken from the experience and aftermath of this tornado.

The local TV station interviewed some of these students and showed the destruction in the video below.

What a terrific sign! It’s amazing that it’s completely intact when so many other things are destroyed.

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