I’m 100% sure old saying is, “It’s better to give than receive,” so watching this woman steal somebody else’s mail off their porch was infuriating. I guess her motto is it’s better to steal than work for it.

This video captures a thief in action stealing a Christmas delivery right off the porch of an unsuspecting homeowner. I am guessing this is not the first time it happened as the house has a camera outside and on top of the residence.

The tippy-toe burglar strolled up to the house to snatch the box, but she got a surprise she never expected. I am sure she had to go to the nearest bathroom station after paying the price for messing with this man’s package.

This made me laugh in so many ways because she was never expecting it. She got wrecked by a blank shotgun shell!

This also gave me ideas for my own front porch.  Even though my packages are never stolen from my doorstep, you never know in the future. Tell me what you thought of this video below in our comment section.

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