When have you ever seen a host of police officers surround a house and it was a good thing?

Shirley Gibson loves her law enforcement officers. When she hears the sirens, the first thing she does is pray for the police traveling to that call. Now who else does that! That is beautiful! Shirley not only prays for the police officers while they are on duty, protecting the neighborhoods, but she also serves them dinner during the holidays as a tradition.

Well, this year is the last year Ms. Shirley will be doing her Holiday Meal. She has fed anywhere from 400-500 police officers during this tradition and she loves doing it.

Ms. Gibson started this beautiful act back in 1997 when her son was shot to death in his patrol car. He was a father of two. She said she gives them hugs. She also says feeling their bulletproof vests and seeing their guns in their holsters reminds her of her son Brian.

The Maryland Police Department put this video together for Ms. Gibson.

Not only that, DC police officers and the mayor did something extra special for Ms. Gibson nobody expected and it will bring tears to your eyes.

This is such a beautiful story and I wish Ms. Gibson well. I pray that her retirement is all that she hoped for. I want to thank her for doing this for our law enforcement officers. Today, when our police officers are challenged, attacked, and demonized by the media and politicians, this story is a huge spiritual uplift and I hope someone keeps the tradition going.

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h/t – Youtube/Rachel Schaerr (MPD)

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