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William Shatner, one of my favorite actors, teamed up with State Farm to create a crazy viral commercial. Why I’ve never seen this before is crazy, but now that I have, I am most definitely sharing it.

Shatner is known for his serious roles like Captain James T. Kirk in Star Trek or Officer T.J. Hooker in the long-running TV series with the same name. When I clicked to play, I thought it was going to be some kooky commercial, but when the music started to play, and he began to speak, then I knew it was a huge hit.

From State Farm Youtube:

In 2011, State Farm teamed up with William Shatner to produce a short video dramatizing an actual accident where the celebrity was burned in a turkey fryer mishap on Thanksgiving.

As a result of the video and safety campaign last year, State Farm grease & cooking related fire claims occurring on Thanksgiving Day were carved in half and the daily average for the entire month reached a seven-year low.

It seems that William Shatner really DID help save the world from exploding turkeys. To get the safety message out in 2012, State Farm worked with John Boswell, aka melodysheep on YouTube, to auto-tune the Shatner turkey fryer video. Called “Eat, Fry, Love: A Cautionary Remix”, Boswell injected the perfect blend of creativity and repetition to create a Thanksgiving safety anthem sure to have families clamoring for a moister, tastier turkey.

If you deep fry your turkey this Christmas season, please exercise caution! Make sure your turkey is completely thawed, don’t overfill your fryer with oil, and keep the fryer outside – away from your house and garage.

I will be deep frying this year, and I am using one by Master Built, and their track record for house fires is “zero.” But you can always send up a prayer for my first stint at doing this. I’ve heard deep fried turkey is moist and once you do it, you never want to do it the old way again, so we shall see.

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