It’s that time of the year again for many people – winter. And with it brings snow, sleet, frozen rain, slush, and ice. There is also the occasional hilarious person falling on ice, but there is also the danger of what can happen with motor vehicles when the roads are a mess.

This video is amazing to watch. It’s almost like it isn’t real because it’s so crazy. This street in Montreal must have frozen up so fast because nobody can stop on it. It starts off with one bus, then eventually there is a second bus, a police car, and even a snow plow! It creates a massive pile up at the bottom of the hill!


That’s insane. You have to wonder if it got any worse or if they closed off the road. One thing for sure: It’s safer to walk in those conditions!

Show this to others. It doesn’t appear that anybody was hurt as the vehicles were not traveling at a high rate of speed, so it is almost comical. But it still looks dangerous!

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