Young Donald Trump

As time goes on, we are learning more about Donald Trump outside of what the gossip columnists wrote about him 20-30 years ago. In this case, there is the story of the time Donald Trump saved an autistic 16 year old girl from drowning at a resort in the Caribbean in 1989.

Trump was vacationing there in 1989 when Yves Cohen’s daughter, Levanah, who requires constant care, was left alone for a short time by her nanny, who made a pit stop in the lady’s room.


Levanah, who cannot swim, decided to go into the sea by herself! Trump was next door at a coffee shop he often frequented.

Trump, seeing the girl struggling, jumped in to save her!

A soaking wet Mr. Trump then took the girl to her home. He was furious with the father  because he thought he left her alone.

Yves recalled Mr. Trump saying, “Are you crazy to leave her alone like that?”

But the father, Yves,  didn’t care because he knew Trump just saved his daughter’s life!

What a great story! Tell others about it! The media, for the most part, won’t tell us these stories and more people need to know what he’s really like! 

h/t Dreuz

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