Army Navy Game

The Army Navy Game was everything Americans needed and then some! President-elect Trump attended the game and liberals were mocked by the cadets at both academies.

The crowd was clearly enthusiastic that Barack Obama’s days as their Commander in Chief are quickly dwindling away.

As you can see in the videos below, Trump was openly cheered!

The National Anthem was something to see. It was an exquisite performance that will give every patriotic American goosebumps!

Trump’s Secretary of Defense nominee General James Mattis got a lot of love at the game. Clearly, members of the military and veterans are thrilled with this pick.

Liberals were mocked in glorious fashion and political correctness was nowhere to be found. These heroes were allowed to be themselves!

Liberals would certainly not agree with this taunting of Sailors. They would accuse the cadets of sexually shaming them. But, this is a military football game. Taunting is on the table!

There were no protests for the National Anthem. The only person who took a knee was praying.

Did I mention everyone seemed to be thrilled about Donald Trump being the next president? To be fair, the President-elect gave equal time to both sides, sitting on both the Army and Navy sides.

After 14 consecutive loses, Army won this year. President-elect Trump tweeted his congratulations and his optimism for our military.

Anyone who watched this game witnessed a lot of optimism. Eight longs years with a failing Commander-in-Chief is coming to an end.

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