Donald Trump Hollywood Star

A man with a sledgehammer and pick has vandalized Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star, completely defacing it.

The man, posing as a construction worker, completely destroyed the gold-colored name and “The Apprentice” television logo. However, he wasn’t able to completely remove the star.


What might be the most shocking part of this story is this man stayed around to brag to the media about what he did. James Lambert Otis told the media he wanted to remove the star and auction it off.

“It was very difficult. The stone was like marble – hard to get through.” He continued, “It would have taken an hour.”

He even said he wanted to go back and remove the rest of the star, “I’d like to try to go back and try to get the other part of the star. I just don’t know how to do that yet.”

Otis showed no remorse for his crime, “I’m not frightened of jail and I’m certainly not frightened of Mr. Trump. What punishment I get is fine.”

What’s most baffling is his explanation for vandalizing the star, “I destroyed the star, but considering the violence that has been committed (by Trump) — I’m a little sad that I had to (damage the star). I’m usually always non-violent. It seems in this one instance I broke some stone and marble to make a point.”

Here’s a look at the damage:


What is this guy even talking about? What violence has Donald Trump apparently perpetrated? Even the violence at Trump rallies was revealed to be an inside job done on the orders of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Donald Trump’s star has been vandalized in the past with people drawing a swastika on it as well as a street artist building a wall around it.

H/T: Fox 10 Phoenix

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