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Antonio Cromartie decided to follow Colin Kaepernick’s [1]lead and kneel for the National Anthem. But, it appears that Cromartie’s decision may have cost him big time.

The Indianapolis Colts cornerback took a knee and raised his fist during Sunday’s game with the Jacksonville Jaguars in London. To further slap his fellow Americans in the face, he then stood for “God Save The Queen.” 

On Tuesday, Cromartie got his pink slip and was released from the Colts as reported in the video below. I hope other players take notice!

Cromartie signed a $3 million deal [2] with the Colts before the start of the season. The cornerback who has a dozen children with eight different women obviously could use that money since he owes $336,000 in child support. Perhaps he should have thought about that before he acted.

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H/T: Breitbart [2]