49ers empty stadium

The San Francisco 49ers are paying the price for allowing Colin Kaepernick to take a visible stand against police and the United States at the start of each football game. They played their Thursday night game against the Arizona Cardinals to a nearly empty new stadium.

People are expressing their displeasure with Kaepernick and 49ers management by talking with their wallets. The game was broadcast in prime time so it didn’t just affect their revenue, it was especially embarrassing too.

People on Twitter noticed and they knew who to blame for this.

NFL ratings have been down 10% since Colin Kaepernick took his stand against the National Anthem. This is going to be a costly mistake for the NFL. When their income gets affected, perhaps they will listen to their fans and stop this nonsense!

It’s time fans send a lesson to the 49ers! I’m glad to see people turning their backs, or in this case, not showing up on Kaepernick! This is evidence there are still plenty of patriotic Americans!

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