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The way presidential candidates are treated now compared to when Abraham Lincoln was around is a night and day difference. Read the joke below to find out just how different!

Lincoln Stayed With a Bossy Lady on the Campaign Trail – Look What She Made Him Do!

This story takes place in 1860. Back 150+ years ago, presidential candidates didn’t have nearly the luxuries current candidates do. They didn’t stay in five star hotels or travel by private jet – they stayed with normal families on their campaigns and in exchange for a place to stay, would do chores around the property before they headed to a new city.

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln actually stayed with my great great great grandma. She was a pretty bossy lady and gave Lincoln a long list of chores to do as soon as she met him.

Finally when he thought he was done, my grandma said, “Last chores, Abraham. For dinner we’re having stew, corn on the cob, and apple pie. I’ll work on the stew, but you’re going to be on the front porch shucking corn and peeling apples until there’s nothing left in front of you.”

And with that, she led him outside where there were two huge baskets filled to the brim with apples and corn.

Abraham started peeling and shucking. Periodically my grandma would check on him to see how much he had left to get an idea of when they’d eat. Little known fact about Abraham Lincoln, but he is very bad at shucking corn and peeling apples.

After checking on him for what felt like the tenth time, my grandma was real frustrated. She said, “Abraham, how can you be expected to lead a country if you can’t even help with dinner!?”

And Abraham Lincoln replied, “Relax Mrs. Lee, I have four cores and seven ears to go.”

And therein lies the true inspiration behind the Gettysburg Address.

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