I have seen my share of Elvis impersonators. They are all over the place. They are in fact, for the most part, a dime a dozen. Many of them put on the wig and think they look like and act like Elvis but most of them are pretty bad at it.

But in this case….wow. This guy will almost make you believe the rumors are true: That Elvis is still alive.¬†

One of the judges even said he had goosebumps and flashbacks of Elvis. This impersonator’s real name is Shawn Klush and he’s from Pennsylvania. Not only has he perfected Elvis’ moves and signature style, but he sings just like him too. It’s rather unreal to see! Check this guy out:

Wow! He’s¬†amazing! Maybe somebody should check to see if he was born in Graceland!

Klush takes his Elvis impersonation on the road. He tours regularly bringing The King back to life in a way for many of his fans. Like Elvis, he will sing gospel songs too. Elvis loved the Lord and singing songs of faith, so of course, a top-notch Elvis impersonator should as well.

At the Las Vegas Hotel in 2014, Klush had an amazing performance of How Great They Art. He had a full ensemble, including backup singers and The Stamps Quartet. It was like going back in time and hearing Elvis sing this classic gospel song!

His mannerisms are so much like Elvis that it’s hard to believe they aren’t related! Klush’s concerts pack in Elvis fans and it’s easy to see why. His impression is spot on! Check out the video below of Elvis’ performance of How Great Tho Art shortly before he passed away in 1977.

If you love Elvis’ gospel performances, click here to watch him sing O Happy Day!

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