Raising teens can be challenging. Some days you want to pull your hair out as they try to test their boundaries.

The best parents remember their role in their child’s life. They are parents first, not friends. It is our responsibility to support our children. It is also our responsibility to teach them consequences when the go astray.

That’s exactly what one creative dad did when his son kept slamming his bedroom door. He had enough of this rude behavior from his teen, so he did something that will definitely make his son think twice about doing that again.

He grabbed a saw and created a Dutch door for his son’s bedroom. Now the teen no longer had complete privacy in his room.

Reddit user DutchBandit uploaded the picture of his brother with such regret and pity on his face. He got a lot of responses regarding punishments they had as a teen. Some said their dad simply removed the bedroom door entirely to prevent slamming. Everyone reported their disrespectful behavior ended with this creative parenting.

Have you ever had to parent like this? Or were you on the receiving end of some creative parenting?

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