U.S. Marine Band

The history of John Philip Sousa is very interesting. He grew up studying music and was enlisted by his father into the United States Marine Band as an apprentice in 1868. Seven years later, he left to conduct music. He returned to the Marine Band, serving as their director for 12 years. Sousa composed some of the most recognizable military marching music. The list includes ‘Semper Fidelis,’ ‘The Liberty Bell,’ ‘The Thunderer,’ and ‘The Washington Post.’

His most famous is ‘The Stars And Stripes Forever.’ It has been performed countless times and I never tire of listening to it!

This performance, by the ‘The Presidents Own’ US Marine Band is definitely worth watching. Check it out:

Simply amazing. It is great to hear that and it is also great there are men and women who serve in our armed forces who are also willing to lend their musical talent for the time they are in uniform.

Share this with others and let them be inspired by the Marines and John Philip Sousa’s fantastic music!

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