A new Florida law went into effect on July 1st that not only made reciting the Pledge of Allegiance optional, but also allows students to refuse to participate all together. This means they don’t have to stand or even place their hand over their chest. Although they do need written permission from a parent in order to opt out.

The new law is the latest assault from the atheist lobby group the Central Florida Freethought Community that sent letters to all 67 school districts in Florida warning them they will be monitoring their behavior.


Here’s a look at what the new opt-out form looks like with some excellent wording from a very patriotic uncle!

While the form is optional and requires a parent signature, some schools seem to be trying to use the opt-out form to remove the Pledge of Allegiance entirely.

Micah Brienen gives more details in his Facebook post below including how Killearn Lakes Elementary School is requiring parents to sign and return the opt out form to confirm they received it!

If this is true,  it is despicable. The school should not be requiring a voluntary opt-out form to be signed. To be clear, this opt-out form is a disgrace to the United States of America. Florida parent Scott Donahue said it best, “I think they should have to stand. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember, and I served in the Army, and I think you should respect the country you live in.”

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