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You really never know what answers will be said on Family Feud. Sometimes a secret accidentally slips out in a 5 second reaction to the question.

That’s what happens in the clip below. Steve Harvey asks the contestants to name something that gets passed around. The two answers were pretty different.

Watch the video below for a fun laugh!

I bet Chris had some explaining to do after the show! It’s hilarious that he could be so honest on national television.

But Family Feud is known for these kinds of hilarious answers.

Steve Gets More Than He Bargained For

The show is designed to elicit the sometimes-inappropriate answers, but the nature of the family-friendly programming makes these answers that much funnier.

Sometimes, you just know someone is going to slip up – like when host Steve Harvey said, “Name something a doctor might pull put of a person.”

Good Lord, the possibilities are endless! And of course, one woman forgot to pause just for a second before opening her mouth.

Her answer isn’t even the best part though. Watch Steve Harvey’s face!

Hopefully she didn’t know from personal experience!

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