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Classic TV can provide us with a lot of lessons that are applicable to today’s problems.

The Andy Griffith Show was popular before a sense of entitlement became prevalent. “Opie And The Spoiled Kid” aired in 1963, but it’s worth watching today!

A young boy decides that the rules don’t apply to him.┬áHe felt that he didn’t have to obey laws or even have respect for the police. His parents obviously coddled the little brat, but after what the boy did to the Mayberry police force, the dad decided it was time for a lesson the boy would never forget!

Watch the video below and see if it reminds you of modern-day liberals and their sense of entitlement.

That’s the way these situations should be handled. Common sense is better than coddling any day. That’s how you teach children. And when kids don’t get those boundaries when they are young, they grow up to be irresponsible and entitled adults.

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