Trump Sign burned

Mark Nelson’s large Trump sign was set on fire by liberal vandals who wanted to suppress Nelson’s First Amendment rights. But, Nelson is fighting back in true Trump fashion. Our country is at stake and he along with the rest of us won’t be bullied!

This is the latest in violent liberal attacks against Trump supporters. They have become unhinged over The Donald. They can’t stand that the presumptive GOP nominee isn’t afraid to say it how it is. He is a threat to their entitlement programs, so they must stop him at all costs – even when it’s illegal.

Watch what Nelson has planned for his new signs:

Oh Yeah! He’s going to build them “10 feet taller!” That’s how you fight back. Don’t give up. Just respond with a bigger, better sign. Eventually these hooligans will learn that their actions have consequences – HUGE CONSEQUENCES!

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H/T: Fox News

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