The BET Awards strayed from acknowledging stars and took a political turn — surprise, surprise! — looking like a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton. I didn’t tune in to watch, but it still aggravates me.

Don’t underestimate the political muscle of the black entertainment class. This show is heavily watched and Hillary Clinton got a lot of free air time at this Trump-bashing event.

ABC’s Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross even attempted to have a voter registration drive on stage. The actress said that everyone needs to vote and the most important demographic this election cycle is the woman. Ellis Ross deemed herself the spokesperson for all women and declared women will vote for Hillary as you can see in the video below.

There were other entertainers who were pimping Hillary during the awards ceremony. Black Lives Matter was also promoted.

Usher turned it up a notch by wearing a shirt that says, “Don’t Trump America” during his routine. He also took to Instagram to promote this theme.

It’s ridiculous that Hillary Clinton gets so much free air time during these awards ceremonies. The celebrities think they can lecture us on politics. It must be nice to live in ivory towers wanting for nothing while telling us peasants what to think. These are entertainers not rocket scientists. Why would we look to them for political advice?

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