Khloe Tompson, Khloe Cares, homeless women, toiletries

Khloe Thompson is making a difference. The nine year old has a heart of gold and a lot of ambition. This girl’s kind spirit will take her places.

She is very touched by the plight of the homeless. She recognizes that they have physical needs, but they also have the need to feel appreciated. When you have nowhere to go and are just seen as a castaway, it’s easy to lose your dignity and hope. So, she started Khloe Kares and hands out bags filled with supplies to homeless women to help boost their morale.

Together with her great grandma, Khloe even sews the bags. This little girl does more to stretch donation dollars than any big government program. You can learn more about Khloe Kares in the video below.

That is one heck of a generous kids. While many of us are busy with our own daily lives, Khloe is out there doing something good for humanity!

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