Jeff Kuss Blue Angels Pilot

Marine Capt. and Blue Angels pilot Jeff Kuss showed true heroism when his malfunctioning aircraft began approaching an apartment complex.

Kuss stayed in the cockpit in order to ensure the plane would avoid the buildings. In doing so, he sacrificed his own life to save many on the ground.

Kuss served in Afghanistan and had logged more than 1,400 flight hours when his plane crashed during a practice flight for the Great Tennessee Airshow on Thursday near Smyrna Airport in Tennessee.

His parents explain that flying in the Blue Angels was Jeff’s ultimate dream:

Kuss’ body was flown back to Florida this past Saturday where he was stationed. Residents of Smyrna, Tennessee stood in the rain to honor Kuss as his body was transported to the airport.

Marine Captain Jeff Kuss was a HERO. He paid the ultimate price to protect the citizens of the United States. He will always be remembered.

Kuss leaves behind a wife and two children.

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H/T: American Military News

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