If you’re not fond of Muenster, you best look away now, because this is footage of Polish warehouse worker¬†Tomasz Wiszniewski being freed after spending 8 HOURS beneath a mountain of cheese:

Wiszniewski was driving a fork-lift truck in a food warehouse in Shropshire, England, when he struck one of the shelving units, which promptly collapsed and covered him in an avalanche of fromage.

Using drones and sniffer dogs, police managed to find the hapless laborer, and though it took them 8 hours to retrieve him, Wiszniewski emerged unscathed.

He even managed a laugh at his mishap and is now recovering with his family at home. However, getting the stink out of his overalls might be tough.

How would you cope buried alive for over 8 hours? Share this slice of life story with your friends.

H/T: BBC News


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