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You Can Feel the LOVE when this Owner Reunites with his Missing Dog

Joe Karl [1] was heartbroken when his dog, Gunnar, went missing. He endlessly searched for close to twenty months, but couldn’t find him. Fortunately, his long and tiring search would end in a joyous reunion.

Unbeknownst to Joe, the City of Pittsburgh Animal Care and Control kept getting calls about an apparent  stray dog running around a nearby neighborhood.

Animal Care and Control tried for months to catch the dog. Finally, they were able to wrangle him  and when they did they scanned him for a microchip and discovered the dog was Joe Karl’s Gunnar. That’s when Joe got a call that he had been dreaming about for 20 long months!

Watch their emotional reunion:

So sweet! You can feel the outpouring of love through the screen. I’m so happy they are back together. I can only imagine how well Gunnar must have slept back in his home for the first time in almost 2 years.

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H/T: Viral Nova [1]