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Archaeologists spend time and money hoping to find ancient remains of humans or animals.

Sometimes they work at it for years before they come across anything.

That wasn’t the case with a farmer in Michigan.

When James Bristle was digging in a soy field with a friend, they came across what they thought was debris.

That wasn’t it at all:

After digging a little more the men realized that whatever they were unearthing was made not of wood, but of bone instead. It turned out that they had found the rib bones of a 10,000 year old woolly mammoth!

It gets better!

Further digging led to the discovery of the giant animal’s skull, tusks, and vertebrae. The unexpected discovery was an extremely rare find and the remains were in pretty good condition considering the thousands of years they’d been buried there!

Check out the video as they unearth the remains:

So, there was a woolly mammoth at one time walking around what is now Lima, Michigan.

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