Panhandling in the city of Albuquerque, NM is illegal. When Officer Hernandez got a call that a couple was panhandling on a street corner in the cold, he went to check it out.  When he pulled up, he realized from their appearance that they were not homeless.

It was then he noticed they had a two-year-old girl with them, so he asked why they were out there. They explained that their daughter needed crucial heart surgery and they needed go to Denver for it. Unfortunately, the family only had enough money for the mother and daughter to go. But her dad just couldn’t bear to not go with them.

What happened next is certainly not something the family expected. Watch the video to see what this officer did and why:

What an amazing story! The police are too often vilified in today’s media.

It’s stories like this that should get more attention so please share this with others so they know!


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