Obama’s DOJ BANS the Words ‘Felon’ or ‘Convict’ – The Reason Is ABSURD

Political correctness is worse now than it has ever been. The term was first coined some time back in the early 90’s and now we’re at a time when almost anything people say somehow “offends” somebody else.

The Obama administration has taken this to extremes at times, but this latest example may take the cake.

The Obama Department of Justice has decided they will no longer use the words “felon” or “convict” after such people have been released from prison. Ready for the reason why? Because it’s too hard on them emotionally. 

Seriously? Look, people who are released from prison deserve a chance to re-enter society, but coddling them is not going to help and simply changing how they are described is not going to do them any good.

The country has serious problems and this is what they’re focused on? Tell others about this. Remind them these are the priorities President Obama has.

H/T Conservative Tribune

Jake Russo

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