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If you’re worried about the future generation, then look away now.

Because it appears that kids today are not just narcissistic, shallow, emotionally incontinent babies — they are parasites as well.

Last week, an Italian court ordered a father to keep making child support payments for his son’s education, even though the son, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is 28 years old.

Following the father’s divorce from this leech’s mother, Italian authorities determined that he should make regular payments in support of his child’s upbringing. So far, so normal.

The father even paid for his son’s degree in literature, even though he took far longer to complete the course than customary, something which suggests that the leech is not just needy, but stupid, too.

Having graduated, the man-child decided to embark on a postgraduate course in “experimental cinema” in Bologna, but even though he is pushing 30, the government has decided he doesn’t need to pay for this extravagance himself and can continue to mooch off his poor father.

Britain has its legions of “Kippers” – “Kids In Parents’ Pockets, Eroding Retirement Savings” and IPODs – “Insecure, Pressurised, Overtaxed and Debt-ridden.”

Yes, America, the world is screwed.

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H/T: London Telegraph

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