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A new video highlights how left wing our college campuses are. Cabot Phillips of Campus Reform went to the University of Maryland to see if students really believed gender is fluid.

Cabot, who didn’t even dress in drag, said that he identified as a woman and wanted to be able to play for the women’s basketball team. He asked 50 students to sign a petition asking for him to be able to join the ladies. An astounding 49 students signed it.

There was one sole sane student who said this absurd and that he is clearly a man. ONLY ONE! These kids have been growing up and learning in the Age of Obama. Maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at this lack of common sense.

Watch their responses and the way they completely accept how a man can just declare himself to be a woman. 

Cabot pointed out that some students who were skeptical still signed the petition. He believes this is because of political correctness and the inability to dissent for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.

While some students adamantly agreed with me, there were many who seemed hesitant and disbelieving, yet offered words of encouragement and agreed to sign my petition anyway.

These students were the ones who interested me most, because they so aptly illustrate the politically correct environment in which Americans—especially millennials—have been taught that they cannot express any opinion that might hurt someone else’s feelings.

We have a lot of work to do on college campuses. It is a wonder how these kids will survive when they attempt to escape the campus’ protective bubble. These will be our future leaders. God help us!

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H/T: Campus Reform

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