Queen Elizabeth II Is 90 And The Birthday Photos With Grandkids And Dogs Are Just AMAZING

Queen Elizabeth, Queen of England

Queen Elizabeth II (Born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) has been the Queen of England since 1952. Many people don’t realize that she is also the Queen of Canada, Australia, and New Zealand! The Queen recently celebrated her 90th birthday and at 64 years, has become England’s longest serving monarch in history.

Celebrity photographer, Annie Leibovitz who had photographed the Queen before, was brought in to take some photos of the Queen and they look fantastic!

Here is the Queen with her 5 great-grandchildren and her two youngest grandchildren:


Here she is with her four dogs, two corgies (Willow and Holly) and two dorgies (Vulcan and Candy)


The Queen with her daughter The Princess Royal:


There is a lot we as Americans don’t know about the Queen of England. For instance, did you know she doesn’t need a passport to get around internationally? Since they’re issued in her name, she doesn’t even need one! It is also said that she wakes each morning to the sound of her own personal bagpiper and she is so keen to this, she can even distinguish whether the piper is her usual or if someone is subbing in for him!

The Queen of England has reached an almost mythical status, largely due to her longevity. How do you think you’d like living in a country with a queen? Tell us below!

H/T: The British Monarchy and Mirror UK