delayed flight, terminal illness

Chances are, you’d be pretty steamed if a pilot aborted a take-off seconds before you were about to depart on your vacation.

But the passengers of a Dubai-bound Etihad Airways flight cheered their captain instead.

The flight was about to depart England when two elderly grandparents received a text-message: their sick grandson had been rushed to Intensive Care. He was dying.

Distraught, the couple begged the flight crew to abandon the take-off, and the captain responded by taking the aircraft back to the gate.

Not only that, but Etihad staff pulled their baggage and even arranged for the couple’s car to be driven from the car park to meet them at the terminal.

Sadly, the child died later that night, but thanks to the caring staff of Etihad Airlines, he did so with his grandparents by his bedside.

H/T: BBC News

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